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Market Analysis

Special Report: WTC Tenant Relocation Summary

Destroyed Buildings: Tenant Relocation Summary as of September 2003

  Midtown New Jersey Elsewhere Downtown Undecided Total
Total Tenants 39 11 7 17 0 74

Damaged Buildings: Tenant Relocation Summary as of September 2003

  Midtown New
Elsewhere Downtown Downtown
Undecided Total
Total Tenants 32 1 3 10 64 1 111
(Note: Reflects tenants of 10,000 square feet or greater)
(Note: Companies with multiple locations are counted in primary destination locale.)

Tenant: Industry: 9/11 Address: 9/11 Sq. Ft.: Status Dest:
Abbeville Press Business Services 22 Cortlandt 17,145 9/03: Abbeville relocated to 116 West 23rd Street. Midtown Relocate
ABN AMRO Financial Services 2 WFC 15,000 9/03: ABN AMRO employees from WFC are operating from 55 East 52nd Street. ABN AMRO was able to return its WFC space to its Landlord, Merrill Lynch. As part of a plan to lower its costs and decentralize, ABN AMRO sublet 240,000sf of its 415,000sf at Park Avenue Plaza to AON, and leased 127,000sf in Jersey City for its operations and support services groups. Midtown Relocate
Allianz Insurance 1 Liberty 10,000 9/03: Allianz has returned to its space at 1 Liberty. Downtown Existing
American Capital Access Insurance 140 Broadway 15,000 9/03: ACA returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
American Express Financial Services 100 Church, 140 Broadway, 3 WFC,
55,000, 23,000, 1,120,500, 106,117 9/03: American Express returned to 3 World Financial Center with 3,500 employees in August 2002. AMEX put 350,000sf on the market for sublease, then took it off the market. AMEX will leave its temporary spaces in Parsippany, Short Hills, Stamford and Weehawken, but continue to have a presence at 90 Hudson Street and at 40 Wall Street. Downtown Existing, Midtown Backfill
AON Corporation Insurance 2 WTC 219,133 9/03: AON leased 270,000sf at Park Avenue Plaza from ABN AMRO; 50,000sf at 199 Water St.; and 50,000sf at 685 Third Ave. Midtown Relocate
Asahi Bank, Ltd. Financial 1 WTC 40,000 9/03: Asahi Bank is now Resona Bank Ltd., and operates from 8,000sf on the 19th floor of 546 5th Ave. Midtown Relocate
AT&T Corporation Communications 1 WTC 11,612 9/03: AT&T relocated to existing offices, including headquarters at 32 Avenue of the Americas, 811 10th Ave, 33 Thomas St, 75 Broad. AT&T will not need any additional space. Midtown Backfill
Atlantic Mutual Insurance 140 Broadway 23,000 9/03: Atlantic Mutual returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Bank of America Financial 1 WTC 132,586 9/03: BOA relocated to 100 West 33rd Street. Midtown Relocate
Bank of Indonesia Financial 1 Liberty 10,250 9/03: Bank of Indonesia returned to its space at One Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Bank of New York Financial 100 Church, 101 Barclay, 75 Park Place 250,000, 1,226,000, 75,352 9/03: BONY returned to its three Downtown locations: 75 Park Place, 100 Church, and 101 Barclay. Eventually, BONY will also relocate 1,000 employees from 100 Church to Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. BONY is planning to move 80 employees to Orlando for clearing and settlement of government bonds and 60 to New Jersey as further precaution against another terrorist attack. Downtown Existing
Bank of Nova Scotia Financial 1 Liberty 235,000 9/03: Scotia Group returned to its space at 1 Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Barclays Capital Financial 1 WTC 12,211 9/03: Barclay's offices were relocated from 1 WTC to 222 Broadway before the attack. Has regained possession of its space at 222 Broadway. Downtown Relocate
Baseline Financial Computer Services 2 WTC 58,500 9/03: Baseline signed a lease for 58,000sf of permanent office space at 395 Hudson Street, 6th floor, for approximately 200 employees. Downtown Relocate
Beast Financial Systems Computers/Data 1 WTC 21,000 9/03: Beast Financial Systems relocated to 20,000sf at 404 5th Avenue. Midtown Relocate
Bishop, Rosen & Co. Financial 111 Broadway 10,779 9/03: Bishop, Rosen & Co. relocated to 100 Broadway. Downtown Relocate
Bridge Information Systems Business Services 3 WFC 70,000 9/03: Bridge Information Systems dissolved. Some parts of Bridge were absorbed into Reuters and relocated to 3 Times Square. 3 WFC space was returned to the landlord. Midtown Relocate
Brown Brothers Harriman Financial 140 Broadway 430,000 9/03: BBH moved to its new space at 140 Broadway in December of 2002. Downtown Existing
Buchanan Ingersoll Legal 140 Broadway 23,976 9/03: Buchanan Ingersoll returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Cantor Fitzgerald Securities Investments 1 WTC 245,000 9/03: CFS relocated to 80,000sf at 135 East 57th Street and decentralized its operations into two other new locations: Reston, VA and London. Cantor is considering building a new headquarters at Union Square. Midtown Relocate and Elsewhere
Capital IQ Financial 22 Cortlandt 16,650 9/03: Capital IQ returned to its 16,650sf space at 22 Cortlandt St. Downtown Existing
Chang Hwa Commercial Financial 1 WTC 12,182 9/03: Chang Hwa Commercial Bank has relocated to 13,180sf at 685 Third Avenue with 24 employees. Midtown Relocate
Chiao Tung Bank NY Financial 1 WFC 10,000 9/03: Chiao Tung Bank NY returned to its space at 1 WFC. Downtown Existing
Chubb Institute Computer 22 Cortlandt 50,376 9/03: Chubb announced that it will not return to 22 Cortlandt, but will remain at 498 Seventh Ave long-term. Midtown Relocate
CIBC World Markets Corp. Financial 1 WFC 500,000 9/03: CIBC leased 150,000 sf at 622 Third Avenue and 130,000 sf at 417 5th Avenue. CIBC plans to occupy 300 Madison in  2004. CIBC announced in 2003, it will sublease a substantial portion of the 1.2M sf 300 Madison tower and occupy only 375,000sf. Midtown Relocate
Citco Funds Financial 1 Liberty 34,000 9/03: Citco Funds relocated to 34,700sf at 350 Madison Avenue. Midtown Relocate
Citigroup/ Salomon Smith  Barney Financial 7 WTC 1,202,900 9/03: C/SSB backfilled existing space in Midtown; Rutherford, NJ; and Stamford, CT. Midtown Backfill, NJ Backfill, Elsewhere
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton Legal 1 Liberty 280,000 9/03: CGS&H returned to its space at One Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Commerzbank Financial 2 WFC 160,000 9/03: Commerzbank returned to its 160,000sf space at 2 WFC. Downtown Existing
Commerzbank Capital Markets Financial 2 WTC 45,540 9/03: Commerzbank Capital Markets backfilled existing space at 1251 Avenue of the Americas. Midtown Backfill
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Financial 1 WTC 35,000 9/03: Commodity Futures Trading Commission relocated to 35,000sf at 140 Broadway. Downtown Relocate
Compaq Computer Corporation Business Services 1 Liberty 31,500 9/03: Compaq employees from One Liberty Plaza relocated to existing offices at 2 Penn Plaza. Midtown Backfill
Computer Associates Business Services 140 Broadway 50,000 9/03: Computer Associates returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Continental Insurance Company Insurance 2 WTC 40,000 9/03: Continental is in a long term lease at 40 Wall Street. Offices moved prior to the attacks. Downtown Backfill
Corporation Service Company Business Services 2 WTC 22,916 9/03: Corporation Service Company leased 26,000sf at 1177 Sixth Avenue. Midtown Relocate
Credit Suisse First Boston Financial 5 WTC 179,244 9/03: Credit Suisse First Boston now occupies 1 Madison Avenue and 11 Madison Avenue and backfilled approximately 700 employees from 5 WTC. CSFB has no new space requirements and sublet its space at 277 Park Avenue. Midtown Backfill
Deloitte & Touche Financial 1 WFC, 2 WFC 75,000; 500,000, 9/03: D&T regained possession of its space at 2 WFC and may sublet 100,000 sf of its 500,000sf space. Downtown Existing
Deutsche Bank Financial 130 Liberty,
1,415,000, 273,991 9/03: Employees from Downtown locations temporarily relocated to existing Deutsche Bank offices. Deutsche Bank purchased  60 Wall St. from J.P. Morgan Chase in 2001. Deutsche Bank initially planned to occupy the entire building for its own use, but it is reported it may now sublease 200,000sf in 2004. Downtown Backfill
DeVos & Co. PLLC Legal 1 WFC 15,000   Midtown Backfill
Dow Jones & Co. Business Services 1 WFC, 1 WTC 300,000; 72,133 9/03: 275 DJ employees that were temporarily in NJ have returned to Midtown locations. 425 returned to 1 WFC. The remainder are in other undisclosed Manhattan locations. DJ will sublet 150,000sf at 1 WFC, 1/2 its space there. Midtown Backfill
Drinker Biddle & Reath Legal 1 WTC 10,000 9/03: Drinker Biddle & Reath is relocating to existing offices in Florham Park, NJ, and a new 5,000sf space at 30 Broad Street. New Jersey Backfill
Dun & Bradstreet Personal Services 1 WTC 22,750 9/03: Dun & Bradstreet relocated to 22,750sf at 512 Seventh Ave. Midtown Relocate
Edward & Kelcey Engineers Engineering 90 West 15,918 9/03: Edwards & Kelcey Engineers, Inc. has backfilled existing offices at 1501 Broadway and leased additional space at this address. Midtown Backfill
Empire Blue Cross Insurance 1 WTC 461,000 9/03: Empire signed a lease for 105,429sf at 11 West 42nd Street and for 322,000sf at MetroTech 9 South in Brooklyn for 1,300 employees. These commitments represent 100,000sf less than previously occupied at WTC. Elsewhere
Employers Re Insurance 140 Broadway 10,500 9/03: Employers Re, a GE Capital company, cut staff from 22 employees to 6 and consolidated into existing space at 1114 Avenue of the Americas. Employers Re returned space at 140 Broadway to the landlord. Midtown Backfill
Euro Brokers, Inc. (Maxcor) Financial 2 WTC 32,104 9/03: EB sublet 60,000sf from Prudential at 199 Water St. Downtown Relocate
FGIC Insurance 115 Broadway 126,000 9/03: FGIC relocated to existing space at 125 Park Avenue. Midtown Backfill
Fidelity Investments National Financial 1 WFC 208,000 9/03: F/NFS returned to 1 WFC and will sublet 64,000sf of its 208,000sf. Fidelity also leased 113,000sf at Harborside in Jersey City that it expects to occupy in mid-2002 as part of a plan to decentralize operations outside of the NYC metro area. Downtown Existing
Fiduciary Trust Company Int. Financial 2 WTC 245,156 9/03: Fiduciary Trust signed a part direct/part sublease for 156,000sf at 600 Fifth Ave and occupied the space in November. Approximately 650 employees will operate from 8 floors at this location. Midtown Relocate
Financial Technologies Int. Computer 22 Cortlandt 35,000 9/03: Financial Technologies returned to its space at 22 Cortlandt. Downtown Existing
Fireman's Fund Insurance 2 WTC 57,000 9/03: Fireman's Fund, an Allianz Company, relocated to 36,000sf at 75 Wall St. Downtown Relocate
First Options of Chicago, Inc./ LIT Financial 111 Broadway 21,600 9/03: First Options of Chicago/LIT returned to its space at 111 Broadway. Downtown Existing
First Union Securities/ Wachovia Financial 1 WTC 13,000 9/03: First Union relocated to 13,000sf at 40 Broad Street. Downtown Relocate
Flemming Zulack & Williamson Legal 1 Liberty 36,779 9/03: FZ&W returned to its space at One Liberty Plaza in November, 2001. Downtown Existing
Folks America Group Insurance 1 Liberty 42,000 9/03: Folks America returned to its space at One Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Forsythe & Lincoln . 1 Liberty 40,000 9/03: Has not announced plans. Undecided
Fred Alger Management Investments 1 WTC 36,078 9/03: Fred Alger Management, Inc. relocated to 40,000sf of new space on the second and third floors at 111 Fifth Avenue. Midtown Relocate
French American Bank Financial 1 WFC 60,000 9/03: FAB merged with BNP Paribas and employees moved from One Liberty to 787 7th Avenue a month before the attack. A small number moved to 919 Third Avenue. Midtown Relocate
Frenkel & Company, Inc. Insurance 2 WTC 59,670 9/03: Frenkel & Co decentralized operations and signed new leases for 35,000sf at 1740 Broadway for 125 employees and 15,000sf at 30 Montgomery Street in Jersey City for 50 employees. Midtown, New Jersey
Friends Ivory & Sime, Inc. Financial 1 WTC 13,262 9/03: FI&S closed its New York office and relocated to London. Elsewhere
Fuchsberg & Fuchsberg Legal 100 Church 10,000 9/03: F&F returned to its space at 100 Church Street. Downtown Existing
Gabriele, Hueglin & Cashman Financial 1 WFC 30,000 9/03: GH&C is now operating as RBC Dain Rauscher from 3 Times Square and will not return to WFC. The company relocated to 1211 Avenue of the Americas in May 2003. Midtown Relocate
Garban-Intercapital Financial 1 WTC 60,548 9/03: Garban Intercapital leased 111,451sf at Harborside Financial Center Plaza 5 in Jersey City, NJ, for 15 years. NJ Relocate
GBI Capital/ Ladenburg Capital Management Financial 22 Cortlandt
9/03: GBI will not return to 22 Cortlandt St. GBI  backfilled space at existing Ladenburg offices at 590 Madison Avenue and in Long Island. Midtown Backfill, Elsewhere
GE Capital Financial 140 Broadway 26,900 9/03: GECap relocated to existing offices in Midtown. Did not return to 140 Broadway. Midtown Backfill
Generali USA Insurance 1 Liberty 22,818 9/03: Generali USA returned to its 21,000sf office at One Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Genuity Solutions Computer Services 1 Liberty 18,559 9/03: Genuity was in the midst of a strategic reorganization at the time of the attack and was able to backfill existing space at 100 Wall Street. Genuity did not return to One Liberty. In April 2003, the company merged with Level 3 Communications and Genuity's NYC locations were disposed of. Downtown Relocate
Global Crossing Holdings Ltd. Computer Services 1 WTC 20,750 9/03: Global Crossings will not replace WTC space. The space at 1 WTC was for storage purposes. N/A
Global Knowledge Network, Inc. Business Services 1 Liberty 20,000 9/03: Global Knowledge relocated to its midtown office, 1155 Avenue of the Americas. Midtown Relocate
Goldman Sachs & Co. Financial 1 Liberty 259,654 9/03: Goldman Sachs employees backfilled existing space Downtown and will move to Jersey City in 2004. One Liberty will not be reoccupied by GS. Downtown Backfill
Gov PX, Inc. Financial 2 WFC 10,000 9/03: Gov PX returned to its space at 2 WFC. Downtown Existing
Gruntal & Co. Financial 1 Liberty 201,779 9/03: Gruntal's assets and employees were acquired by BankAtlantic Bancorp in April 2002, to add to its Ryan, Beck & Co. subsidiary, and will no longer operate from 1 Liberty. All Gruntal employees were relocated to Ryan, Beck offices in Midtown. Midtown Relocate
Gruzen Samton LLP Architecht 90 West 31,130 9/03: Gruzen Samton LLP relocated to 320 West 13th Street. Midtown Relocate
Guy Carpenter Insurance 2 WTC 180,000 11/02: Guy Carpenter, a Marsh USA company, relocated its headquarters to 105,255sf at 1 Madison Avenue and also placed some employees in new Marsh space in Hoboken, NJ. Midtown Relocate
Han-Padron Associates LLP, Engineering 22 Cortlandt 17,584 9/03: Han-Padron returned to its space at 22 Cortlandt St. Downtown Existing
Harris Beach & Wilcox, LLP Legal 2 WTC 48,800 9/03: Harris Beach Wilcox sublet 47,000sf at 805 3rd Ave for five years. Midtown Relocate
HeadStrong Computer Services 1 Liberty 31,478 9/03: Headstrong is subletting 11,400sf from SFX Entertainment Inc at 220 W. 42nd St. for 5 years. Midtown Relocate
Helen Keller Worldwide Social Services 90 West 14,000 9/03: Helen Keller Worldwide has leased 12,000sf of permanent space at 352 Park Avenue South for its headquarters. Midtown Relocate
Hill Betts & Nash, LLP Legal 1 WTC 21,609 9/03: Hill Betts & Nash relocated to 21,000sf at 99 Park Ave for a year and a half and will return to 200 Liberty Street in 9/03. Downtown Relocate
HQ Global Business Services 140 Broadway 23,967 9/03: HQ Global regained possession of its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
HQ Global Workplaces Business Services 1 Liberty 26,000 9/03: HQ Global employees consolidated into offices at 140 Broadway. HQ Global will not return to 1 Liberty Plaza. N/A
Hua Nan Commercial Bank Financial 2 WTC 12,500 9/03: Hua Nan Commercial Bank relocated to permanent space at 330 Madison Ave. in June 2002. Midtown Relocate
Hyperion Capital Market Financial 1 Liberty 16,886 9/03: Hyperion returned to its 16,886sf space at One Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Ikon Office Solution Business Services 90 West 15,118 9/03: Ikon relocated to existing offices at 233 Spring Street and built additional space at this location. Midtown Backfill
Insignia ESG Real Estate 1 Liberty 10,000 9/03: Insignia/ESG returned to its 10,000sf office space at 1 Liberty Plaza. Subsequently, the lease expired. IESG did not renew its lease at 1 Liberty but relocated to another Downtown building, 33 Whitehall. Downtown Existing
Instinet, Inc. Financial 1 WTC 65,844 9/03: After 9/11, Instinet operated from temporary space at 3 Times Square with its parent company, Reuters. As part of a plan to  establish a site outside the city, Instinet sublet 150,000sf from Charles Schwab in Harborside, Jersey City. This location will be a disaster recovery site and backup trading facility, as well as a site for some administrative functions. Instinet will continue to occupy its space at the Reuters Building, 3 Times Square. Instinet also vacated 199 Water Street and its space was taken back and subsequently subleased by the landlord. NJ Relocate
International Office Centers/ Regus Business Services 1 WTC 26,367 9/03: IOC/Regus is operating from an existing office at 245 Park Avenue. Midtown Backfill
Interoute Telecom, Inc. Communications 22 Cortlandt 17,145 9/03: Interoute Telecom, Inc. closed its NYC office and relocated to London. Elsewhere
Interstate/Chicago Insurance Co. Insurance 1 Liberty 10,000 9/03: Interstate/Chicago Insurance Co., an Allianz Company, is sharing space with The Fireman's Fund at 75 Wall Street (another Allianz Company.) Downtown Relocate
ITT Hartford Insurance Group Insurance 7 WTC 122,590 9/03: Hartford relocated to a sublet of 150,000sf at 2 Park Avenue for 325 employees. Midtown Relocate
John J. McMullen Associates Engineers/ Architects 2 WTC 15,000 9/03: JJMA has relocated to 10,000sf space at 70 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, NJ for 3 years with about 35 employees. NJ Relocate
Keefe Bruyette & Woods Financial 2 WTC 97,600 9/03: Keefe Bruyette & Woods occupies 55,000sf at 787 Seventh Avenue for 150 employees and 1,500sf at 2 Hudson Place in Hoboken, NJ. Midtown Relocate, New Jersey
Kemper Insurance Companies Insurance 1 WTC 92,232 9/03: Kemper Securities signed a lease for space at 30 Rockefeller Center on 11th & 12th floors for 65,381sf. Midtown Relocate
Landmark Education Corporation Personal Services 1 WTC 44,407 9/03: Landmark relocated to 17 Penn Plaza, the Penmark Building. Midtown Relocate
Law Offices of Turner & Owen Legal 1 Liberty 10,000 9/03: Law Offices of Turner & Owen, an Allianz affiliate, relocated to 75 Wall St. Downtown Relocate
Legal Aid Society Legal 90 Church 146,760 9/03: Legal Aid Society leased temporary space at 48 Wall Street, 199 Water St., 1 Battery Park Plaza, and 304 Park Avenue South. LAS is building a new office for its Harlem Staff on East 128th St. LAS expects to return to 90 Church St if possible, but has not yet done so. Downtown Existing
Lehman Brothers Financial 3 WFC, 1 WTC 1,030,800; 45,100 9/03: Brookfield Financial Properties purchased Lehman's 51% stake at 3 WFC, for $127 per square foot. Lehman leased 450,000sf at 399 Park Ave; 150,000sf at 70 Hudson in Jersey City; and purchased Morgan Stanley's interest at 745 Seventh Ave.; a 1MM sq. ft. property. Lehman also signed a lease for 56,000 sf at 85 10th Avenue, for a data center as part of its decentralized operations in Metro New York. Midtown Relocate, New Jersey
LIT Financial 111 Broadway 14,000 9/03: LIT, part of First Options of Chicago and SLK, returned to its space at 111 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Long Term Credit Bank of Japan Financial 1 Liberty 148,000 9/03: LTCB (Shinsei) Bank moved to 399 Park Avenue prior to the attack. Midtown Relocate
Man Financial Financial 2 WFC 40,000 9/03: Man Financial leased 21,000sf at 717 Fifth Ave for 7 years for 150 employees. Midtown Relocate
Mancini Duffy Engineers/ Architects 2 WTC 28,091 9/03: Mancini Duffy relocated to 25,000sf at 39 West 13th Street. Midtown Relocate
Marsh USA Insurance 1 WTC 361,000 9/03: Marsh USA companies ( Guy Carpenter, Marsh, Mercer and Seabury) relocated to 1166 Avenue of the Americas and to Hoboken, NJ. Of Marsh USA's 1,800 relocated employees, approximately 1,100 relocated to Hoboken in summer 2003. New Jersey Relocate
Martin Progressive LLC Computers/Data 1 WTC 13,789 9/03: Martin Progressive relocated to 13,000sf at 235 Park Avenue South. Midtown Relocate
May Davis Group Financial 1 WTC 12,824 9/03: May Davis relocated to 12,000sf at 14 Wall Street. Downtown Relocate
Mercer Insurance 2 WTC 30,000 9/03: Mercer, a Marsh USA company, is relocating to Marsh space in Midtown and Hoboken, NJ. Midtown Relocate, New Jersey
Merrill Lynch & Co. Financial 4 WFC,
2,083,555, 470,000 9/03: Merrill reports that 6,000 employees have returned to 4 WFC and 2,000 employees have returned to 2 WFC. Merrill Lynch was marketing 470,000 sf at 2 WFC but has subleased 300,000 sf of it to two tenants: 200,000 sf to Oppenheimer and 100,000 sf to State Street Bank. Downtown Existing
Mizuho/ Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd. Financial 1 WTC 100,000 9/03: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank is now part of Mizuho Corp. Bank, located at 1251 Ave of Americas and at Harborside Plaza in Jersey City, NJ. Midtown, New Jersey
Mizuho/ Fuji Bank Financial 2 WTC 182,956 9/03: Fuji Bank is now part of Mizuho Corp. Bank and is operating from Mizuho offices at 1251 Ave of Americas and Harborside Plaza in NJ. Midtown, New Jersey
Moody's Investor Services Publishing 99 Church 268,000 9/03: Moody's returned to its space at 99 Church Street. Downtown Existing
Morgan Stanley Financial 2 WTC 840,000 9/03: Morgan Stanley leased 725,000sf at the former Texaco headquarters in Harrison, NY. Morgan also leased space for relocation at 1633 Broadway, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 75 Varick Street and in Harborside, NJ. In an effort to decentralize, WTC employees were dispersed among these several locations, as well as 150 employees to Baltimore. Midtown, Downtown, Elsewhere, New Jersey
Multex.com Computer Services 75 Park Place 15,253 9/03: Multex returned to its space at 75 Park Place. Downtown Existing
Municipal Credit Union Financial 22 Cortlandt 102,870 9/03: Municipal Credit Union returned to its 102,000sf space at 22 Cortlandt St. Downtown Existing
N.Y. Institute of Finance Finance 2 WTC 24,539 9/03: NYIF backfilled space from Pearson, Inc., parent company, at 1330 Avenue of the Americas for permanent relocation. Midtown Backfill
N.Y. Shipping Association Transportation 2 WTC 80,000 9/03: NY Shipping relocated to 18,000sf of new office space in Iselin, NJ and to existing offices to 45 Broadway. NJ Relocate
NAC Reinsurance Insurance 140 Broadway 11,500 9/03: NAC Reinsurance/XL Capital Limited relocated to 111 Broadway. Downtown Relocate
NAIC Securities Insurance 7 WTC 22,500 9/03: NAIC Securities relocated to 16,000sf at 1411 Broadway, 9th floor. Midtown Relocate
Napoli Kaiser & Associates Legal 115 Broadway 10,000 9/03: Napoli Kaiser & Associates regained possession of its space at 115 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Nasdaq Financial 1 Liberty Plaza 160,927 9/03: Nasdaq will not relocate to 54,000sf at 1500 Broadway as it once planned, but remains in its sublease from parent company, NASD, at 1 Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
National Development & Research Institute Personal Services 2 WTC 44,325 9/03: NDRI relocated to 39,000sf at 71 West 23rd Street. Midtown Relocate
Natsource Inc. Financial 140 Broadway 15,475 9/03: Natsource returned to its 15,475sf space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
New Japan Securities (Shinko) Financial 1 Liberty 16,986 9/03: New Japan/Shinko is now part of Mizuho Corp. Bank and is operating from Mizuho offices at 1251 Ave of Americas. Midtown Relocate
New York Mercantile Exchange Financial 22 Cortlandt 85,770 9/03: NYMEX employees from 22 Cortlandt are temporarily operating from the NYMEX building at 1 North End Avenue. NYMEX negotiated to exit its lease at 22 Cortlandt. NYMEX has secured a 40,000sf site on Long Island as a backup facility. Downtown Relocate
New York Stock Exchange Financial 2 WTC 10,853 9/03: NYSE has cancelled plans to build a new headquarters Downtown and instead secured a second location for trading that will operate in tandem with the Wall Street trading operation and will prevent a shut-down in the event of another attack. The new location is in Long Island at an undisclosed location. NYSE also signed a long-term sublease for 65,000sf at 14 Wall Street. Downtown Relocate
Nikko Securities Financial 1 WTC 10,000 9/03: Nikko relocated to 13,000sf at 535 Madison Avenue with 25 employees. Midtown Relocate
Nomura Securities Financial 2 WFC 50,000 9/03: Nomura returned to its 50,000sf space at 2 WFC. Downtown Existing
Odyssey RE Insurance 22 Cortlandt 17,145 9/03: Odyssey Re returned to its 16,000sf space at 22 Cortlandt Street. Downtown Existing
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Financial 1 Liberty 18,487 9/03: Ogaki Kyoritsu returned to its space at One Liberty Plaza Downtown Existing
Ohrenstein & Brown Legal 1 WTC 33,000 9/03: O&B relocated to 20,000sf at 1 Penn Plaza with 60 employees. Midtown Relocate
Oppenheimer Funds/Mass Mutual Life Ins. Co. Financial 2 WTC 231,000 9/03: Oppenheimer Funds signed a 10-year lease at 498 Seventh Avenue for 135,000sf, a smaller space than at 2 WTC.
However, in June 2003, Oppenheimer subleased 200,000 sf from Merrill Lynch at 2 WFC, changing from its original strategy of permanently relocating to  Midtown post 9/11.
Downtown Relocate
Pace University Personal Services 1 WTC 45,943 9/03: Pace signed a lease for an additional 40,900sf at 161 William St. for the permanent relocation of 1 WTC operations. Downtown Relocate
Partner Reinsurance Insurance 1 WTC 45,943 9/03: Partner Reinsurance relocated to One Greenwich Plaza Greenwich, CT. Elsewhere
Patrusky Mintz & Samel Accounting 22 Cortlandt 16,650 9/03: PM&S relocated to 720 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor. Midtown Relocate
Pinkerton Computer Consultants Business Services 140 Broadway 22,750 9/03: Pinkerton returned to its space at 140 Broadway with approximately 40 employees. Some administrative, recruiting and management functions continue to operate from Iselin, NJ. Downtown Existing
Plural, Inc. / Dell Professional Services Computer Services 115 Broadway 55,400 9/03: DPS returned to its space at 115 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Prudential Securities, Inc. Financial 1 Liberty 32,667 9/03: Prudential Securities returned to its space at One Liberty Plaza and also has 1.95 MM sf elsewhere in the City. PS is currently marketing 90,000sf at 199 Water, however, it is reported that Prudential may put more sf than that on the market. Downtown Existing
R.R. Donnelly & Sons, Inc. Printing 75 Park Place 86,978 9/03: R.R. Donnelly returned to its space at 75 Park Place. Downtown Existing
RBC Dain Rauscher RBC Financial 1 WFC 26,000 9/03: RBC Dain Rauscher is temporarily operating from 3 Times Square and will relocate to new space at 1211 Ave of Americas in May 2003. Downtown Existing
Refco Financial 1 WFC 60,000 9/03: Refco returned to its space at One World Financial. Downtown Existing
Reserve Bank of Australia Financial 1 Liberty 4,647 9/03: Reserve Bank of Australia returned to its space at One Liberty. Downtown Existing
Rolfe & Nolan/BSI Computer 111 Broadway 10,000 9/03: Rolfe & Nolan returned to its space at 111 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Royal Bank of Canada/RBC Dain Rauscher Financial 1 Liberty Plaza 164,204 11/02: Royal Bank of Canada, now RBC Dain Rauscher, decentralized operations that were in 164,204sf at 1 Liberty. RBC returned to its space at 1 Liberty, and signed a lease for 40,000sf in Purchase, NY for a term of six years with an option to expand into another 25,000sf there. Royal Bank now operates as RBC/ Dain Rauscher after merging in 2001. Downtown Existing
S&W Agency (Guardian Life) Insurance 140 Broadway 23,000 9/03: S&W Agency returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Sandler O'Neill & Partners Investments 2 WTC 30,000 9/03: Sandler O'Neill relocated to 919 Third Avenue. Midtown Relocate
SCOR US Corporation Insurance 2 WTC 59,000 9/03: SCOR consolidated with a newly acquired company and relocated WTC employees to existing offices at 199 Water Street. Downtown Backfill
Scotia Mocatta Financial 1 Liberty 25,000 9/03: Scotia Mocatta returned to its space at One Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Seabury & Smith Insurance Insurance 2 WTC 40,000 9/03: Seabury & Smith, a Marsh USA company, relocated to Marsh space at 1166 Avenue of the Americas and will also have employees in Marsh space in Hoboken, NJ. Midtown Relocate, New Jersey
Seguros Commercial America, now part of ING Inc. Business Services 2 WTC 27,000 9/03: Seguros Commercial closed its New York Office and relocated to headquarters in Plano, TX. Elsewhere
Shields & Co. Financial 140 Broadway 23,000 9/03: Shields & Co. returned to its space at 140 Broadway Downtown Existing
Sidley Austin Brown & Wood Legal 1 WTC 223,100 9/03: Sidley Austin Brown & Wood moved to 338,000sf at 787 Seventh Avenue in July 2002. Midtown Relocate
Standard Chartered Bank Financial 7 WTC 111,398 9/03: Standard Chartered Bank relocated to 92,000sf at 1 Madison Avenue. Midtown Relocate
Storage Technology Business Services 1 WFC 30,000 9/03: Storage Technology returned to its space at 1 WFC. Downtown Existing
Summit Systems, Inc. Computer Services 22 Cortlandt 34,290 9/03: Summit Systems returned to its space at 22 Cortlandt Street. Downtown Existing
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Computers/Data 2 WTC 89,162 9/03: Sun Microsystems relocated to 78,200sf on floors 3 and 4 at 101 Park Avenue. Midtown Relocate
Swets Blackwell Publishing 22 Cortlandt 33,300 9/03: Swets Blackwell relocated to Runnymeade, NJ. New Jersey Relocate
Swiss RE America Corporate Services Insurance 1 Liberty 20,000 9/03: Swiss Re returned to its 20,000sf space at One Liberty Plaza. Downtown Existing
Taipei Bank Financial 1 WTC 12,111 9/03: Taipei Bank relocated to 100 Wall Street. Downtown Relocate
TD Waterhouse Group, Inc. Financial 2 WTC 18,591 9/03: A move to a new headquarters in Jersey City was in progress since June 2001 and many employees from WTC and other locations had already relocated there. After the attack, WTC employees moved to the new headquarters in Harborside, Jersey City, and a few to an existing office at 100 Wall Street. NJ Backfill
Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood Legal 2 WTC 120,000 9/03: Thacher, Proffitt & Wood relocated to 11 W. 42nd. St. and then in November, 2002, sublet 137,000sf at 2 World Financial from Merrill Lynch for a long-term relocation. Midtown Relocate
Thales Fund Management Financial 140 Broadway 10,122 9/03: Thales Fund Management returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
The Nishi-Nippon Bank, Ltd. Financial 1 WTC 10,325 9/03: The Nishi-Nippon Bank closed its New York office at 1 WTC and no longer has a New York presence. Elsewhere
The Robin Hood Foundation Social Services 111 Broadway 14,291 9/03: The Robin Hood Foundation relocated to 826 Broadway. Midtown Relocate
TradeWeb LLC Financial 1 WTC 50,000 9/03: TradeWeb LLC relocated to Evertrust Plaza in Jersey City. NJ Relocate
Trading Edge Financial 140 Broadway 23,976 9/03: Trading Edge/Market Axcess returned to its 23,967sf space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Tradition Asiel Securities Financial 75 Park Place 47,260 9/03: Tradition Asiel Securities returned to its space at 75 Park Place. Downtown Existing
Transaction Information Systems Computer Services 115 Broadway 58,000 9/03: TIS/Starpoint returned to its space at 115 Broadway, then moved from the 20th floor to smaller space on the 2nd floor. Downtown Existing
Tucker Anthony Financial 1 WFC 30,000 9/03: Tucker Anthony, now RBC Dain Rauscher, relocated to existing RBC Dain Rauscher offices at 666 Fifth Avenue. Midtown Backfill
Tudor Investment Corp. Financial 1 Liberty 10,500 9/03: Tudor Investment Corp. relocated to Connecticut to be closer to its Greenwich office. Elsewhere
UBS PaineWebber Financial 140 Broadway 23,000 9/03: UBS Paine Webber returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Union Bank of California Financial 2 WTC 25,146 9/03: Union Bank signed a long-term lease for approximately 25,000sf at 40 Wall Street. Downtown Relocate
Unistrat Corporation of America Business Services 2 WTC 10,000 9/03: Unistrat joined with affiliate company SCOR in space at 199 Water St. Downtown Relocate
Vanguard Direct Financial 90 West 13,433 9/03: Vanguard Direct relocated to 13,000sf at 519 8th Avenue. Midtown Relocate
Verizon Communications Communications 2 WTC, 140 West St. 155,490; 1,171,540 9/03: Verizon had 400 employees in 155,490sf at 2 WTC and is the sole tenant of 140 West Street (a building of 1,171,540sf). While 140 West Street sustained some damage, only a few of the 1,700 employees were displaced from 140 West Street. After 9/11, Verizon was able to backfill extra vacant space in other New York City locations for employees from 2 WTC. All employees that worked in 2 WTC are still working within the City. Downtown Existing
Washington Group, Intl. Manufacturing 2 WTC 48,800 9/03: Washington Group relocated to 30,000sf at 2 Penn Plaza Midtown Relocate
Watersdesign Associates Business Services 22 Cortlandt 17,145 9/03: Watersdesign Associates relocated to 15 Maiden Lane. Downtown Relocate
Weatherly Securities Corp. Financial 2 WTC 18,801 9/03: Weatherly Securities relocated to Long Island branches and an 18,000sf office at 10 East 50th Street for about a year, then closed operations. Weatherly Securities is no longer in business. N/A
Wheelhouse Business Services 22 Cortlandt 16,650 9/03: Wheelhouse is no longer in business. N/A
White, Fleischner & Fino Legal 140 Broadway 23,626 9/03: White, Fleischner & Fino returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
World Trade Association Business Services 1 WTC 9,500 9/03: World Trade Association leased 6,276sf on the 19th floor of 60 E42nd Street. Midtown Relocate
World Travel Services Transportation 1 WTC 25,000 9/03: World Travel employees operated a small office for Sidley Austin Brown & Wood and relocated with the law firm to 787 7th Avenue. Midtown Backfill
X-Com Technologies/Level 3 Communications 100 Church 18,061 9/03: X-COM/Level 3 closed its NYC office and relocated to its headquarters, 1025 El Dorado Blvd., Broomfield, CO. Elsewhere
Yasuda Fire & Marine (Mizuho) Insurance 2 WFC 27,000 9/03: Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Company of America regained possession of its space at 2 WFC. Downtown Existing
YMCA Retirement Fund Social Services 140 Broadway 147,638 9/03: YMCA Retirement Fund returned to its space at 140 Broadway. Downtown Existing
Zim-American Israeli Shipping Transportation 1 WTC 10,000 9/03: Zim-American Israeli Shipping had put its 16th floor space at the World Trade Center up for sublease and moved a majority of its employees to Norfolk, VA before the attack. Now, a few employees have moved into a smaller 5,000sf office at 1000 South Avenue in Staten Island, NY. Elsewhere
Zurich North America Insurance 1 Liberty 215,000 9/03: Zurich North America returned to 1 Liberty in January 2003. While keeping the same approximate amount of square footage, Zurich NA renegotiated its lease and moved to more continguous floors in the building. Downtown Existing
Zurich Re Insurance 22 Cortlandt 17,145 9/03: Zurich ReInsurance/Converium relocated to One Chase Manhattan Plaza. Downtown Relocate

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