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Building Rules and Regulations

The building rules and regulations
Will be described in an attachment to the lease document. They significantly impact the logistics of working within a building. Particularly during construction and move-in, tenants should be well aware of and plan ahead to ensure that these processes go smoothly. The major rules and regulations are as follows:

Move-in/outs need to be scheduled well in advance.
If a tenant is moving from one building to another, it can be challenge to schedule a move on the same day. Tenants should contact the building manager of each building as soon as a potential move date is known. Ensure that this reservation includes the use of the freight elevator. Inquire if a building allows more than one move per day. If there is only one freight elevator and the building allows more than one move per day, a tenant's move-in/out time and cost (to pay movers by the hour) can be greatly increased.

Generally, buildings will allow a moving company access to a tenant's space to prepare for the move, but not allow anything to be moved from the space until the appointed time.

Move-in/outs can usually occur only before or after regular business hours.
Landlords do not want to disrupt the businesses of existing tenants. Most moving companies are aware of this but planning the timing with the moving company is also critical.

Overtime costs apply for use of freight elevators during non-business hours.
Buildings typically charge for freight elevator usage before or after regular business hours. Unless a tenant negotiates for free freight elevator service during its initial move-in, this can be a significant cost.

Moving company must provide an insurance certificate in advance of the move.
Ensure that the certificate is in the hands of the appropriate building personnel at both buildings well in advance of the move and confirm that the certificates are in order.

Noisy construction work often has to be performed after-hours.
Ensure that this additional cost is factored into the construction budget. Construction tradespeople are generally not allowed in the passenger elevator. This issue is something to be aware of and will slow the construction process.



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